Consultancy and advisory on business management

Planning and management of economy projects

Knowledge, experience, business culture and contacts in Italy and Brazil set up the foundation of our economy projects in industry, commerce and services. We plan and manage with weighing, informing the partners w

Promotion of business between Brazil and Italy

We support transnational business activities between Brazil and Italy as Key-Countries. Our historic of knowledge, experience, business culture and contacts generates studies for commercial penetration, evaluation of t

Selection of international partners

We select suitable partners and do business in negotiations, Merger and Acquisitions between Brazilian and Italian companies, especially on the following sectors: Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities, Telemetering, Renewabl

Companies Formation of foreign or mixed capital

Key matters such as foregoing logistic planning, customs and tax, a clear definition of the role and the performance of each associate. Capital payment through Brazilian Central Bank and other bureaucratic steps. Our b

Business Opportunities

 We introduce you to viable contacts of partners with high-technology industries in both Italy and Brazil, productive or distributive joint ventures, urban and rural real estate investment opportunities. We f

Marketing research: ask, listen and understand

Marketing research qualitative and quantitative

To invest, change, or preserve your business, is needed to know your target. What does he think, likes, consumes. On marketing research, we define the goals, examine and interpret all results.

Intelligence & Experience Marketing

Everyday information relevant to a company’s markets gathered and analysed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. Mark

Risk and competitiviness evaluation

Risk, part of any business, must be always evaluated. A serious evaluation, well grounded, analysed and held in proactive and methodical processes along with the company, can define the acceptable level of risk and gen

Result analisys

We interpret the data of each research through clear and effective reports and statistical analysis. We develop the interrelation of qualitative and quantitative data, to identify the stance of the company, e